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Bauer’s Commitment to Responsible Forest Management
Bauer Media recognises that as a large consumer of paper we need to lessen our impact on the environment wherever possible, and as such this statement is a declaration of support for responsible forest management worldwide.

Commitment to Chain of Custody
Bauer Media has successfully gained certification for Chain of Custody for both the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) schemes. Both of these schemes:

  • promote environmentally, socially and economically viable forest management;
  • are independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisations;
  • are voluntary and require forest managers and links in the chain to meet criteria over and above current environmental legislative requirements;
  • provide a labelling system that is easy for the consumer/end user to recognise and understand that symbolises the responsible management of the world’s forests; and
  • promote continuous improvement and review.

Independently verified Chain of Custody provides an assurance to the consumer that the product they are purchasing can be tracked through all the marketing and processing channels back to the wood fibre from certified forests. Bauer Media was the first magazine publisher in Australia to gain certification for FSC® (C075529) and PEFC (21-31-108) Chain of Custody. The Bauer Media executive team is fully committed to responsible forest management and has appointed Ian McHutchison, General Manager of Production, to manage Bauer Media’s ongoing compliance with its obligations under the Chain of Custody standards.

Print and Paper Procurement
Bauer Media currently purchases the majority of paper stocks for magazine production from Chain of Custody certified paper mills. Bauer Media will continue to strive towards Chain of Custody certification for 100% of paper mills from which it purchases paper stocks. Bauer Media’s paper procurement practices ensure that a majority of paper fibre used by Bauer Media in the production of its publications comes from forests which are responsibly managed. Where Bauer Media seeks to make any claim for Chain of Custody certification for any publication, Bauer Media will only outsource printing and paper purchasing to FSC® or PEFC certified suppliers.

Bauer Media was a founding member of The Newspaper Works Environment Advisory Group (NWEAG, formerly the Publishers National Environment Bureau (PNEB)), which was established in 1991 to support environmental paper recycling projects in Australia.

The NWEAG, with its partner, Norske Skog, has been responsible for the development and management of The National Environmental Sustainability Agreement (NESA), which is a world first “whole industry sector” agreement with government. It has underpinned the success of Australian newsprint recycling, which is the best in the world at 78%.The publishing industry has invested more than $170 million since the inception of the PNEB in 1991. These funds have been used to build a world-class de-inking plant, allocated to Commonwealth and State Governments in free advertising space to support recycling and invested in over 100 individual projects.

Ian McHutchison, General Manager, Production is Bauer Media’s current representative on the board of NWEAG. For more information, see Pneb.com.au or Thenewspaperworks.com.au.

Bauer’s Aims
While technology is improving the quality of recycled paper stocks, Bauer Media believes that newsprint and cartons or other packaging remain the most efficient use of recycled fibre. Bauer Media supports and promotes the recycling of magazines as it forms a crucial part of the input to the manufacture of recycled stocks and diverts this useful paper waste from landfill.
Bauer Media aims to continue to support recycling of our products in the community and to use our paper and print procurement policies to demonstrate our support for forestry worldwide.

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