Case Study

Anchor Milk for Hair and Bauer Women's Titles


Anchor Milk is set at a premium price point in store. Sales are being eroded by house brands/cheaper options.


How do we encourage women to purchase Anchor Milk as their everyday milk rather than it being an occasional choice.


Position Anchor Milk as the natural beauty product to give you beautiful healthy hair.

  • Produce a bespoke beauty shoot in an environment that is truly representative of the Anchor brand
  • Establish credibility through having trusted beauty experts present the campaign
  • Target contextually relevant features by audience, platform and title. Participating titles were Fashion Quarterly, NEXT and Woman's Day.
  • Micro-chunk content, giving the audience new reasons to engage with every part of the story


It was the right message in the right environment. Delivered by the FQ editorial team, lending effortless credibility to the message that “Anchor Milk is the newest beauty product for hair.”

  • Styling by Fashion Editor (now FQ’s editor) Sally-Ann Mullin
  • Design and layout by FQ’s Creative Director Marcel Gull
  • Photography by FQ’s house photographer Mara Sommer
  • Hair by Lauren Gunn and Anchor
  • Clothing by leading New Zealand designers including Trelise Cooper, Liam, and Penny Sage.
  • 856,000 print readers
  • 500 salon copies
  • Online content over delivered on the campaign KPIs by 388%




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